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The Republic of Bulgaria or simply Bulgaria is the country in the Southeastern Europe and it is parliamentary democracy where the most powerful executive position is held by the Prime Minister. The Country is Bulgarian speaking one and it is 16th largest country in Europe. You can find here more about the legal system of Bulgaria, and also about its constitution, Legislative, Executive, Judicial and General and Legal guides at:

You can read about the legal system including the Sources of law, Constitution, Institutions, Legislative branch, Executive branch and Judicial branch, Constitutional court, etc. at:

Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria:
Constitution of Bulgaria is the supreme law of the nation of Bulgaria and it is making the country parliamentary democratic country where political system is divided into three of its branches, Legislative, Judicial and Executive and this Constitution provides for the possibilities of direct democracy. The Prime Minister being head of the executive wing, its most powerful and is elected by the most votes receiving party. Read and download Constitution here: also read it online:

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Local Taxes and fees policy:
Warehouses, Excise Duty and Tax system:
Income tax (Natural Persons):
Money Laundering policy:

Bulgarian Legal Articles and Law eBooks:
Bulgarian Legal Education: History and Nowadays:
Guide to Bulgarian Tax law:
Legal aspect of Electronic Signature in Bulgaria:

Bulgarian Government Departmental Links:
President of the Republic of Bulgaria:
Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria:
Ministry of Finance:
Ministry of Economy:
Ministry of Environment and Water:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Bulgarian National Bank:

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